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About Case and Workflow Management System

The Opportunity

The Department of State needs to manage and sustain an existing global IT infrastructure while simultaneously building a cloud-based replacement with enhanced workflow and case management capabilities. Complex security and other compliance requirements demand strict adherence. Stakeholders, spread across the globe with competing priorities, need to be consulted and involved in multiple development stages. Requirements change due to political shifts and must be reacted to rapidly, and the ability to meet high-priority reporting requests is paramount.
The work also consists of a comprehensive change management effort. An organizational switch from siloed, waterfall work to a cross-functional, Agile, collaborative approach remains at the center of the program that includes multiple projects operating concurrently.
Also included is the ongoing management of a government facility and the uninterrupted processing of tens of thousands of cases annually.

Our Approach

Instituting collaborative, team-centric processes is at the core of the Devis Way.  There is no shortage of brain power, with 90 staff members operating within various disciplines.  Our management approach is centered on properly harnessing and applying that knowledge as a team to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

A dashboard now aggregates the statuses and successes of the different teams in real time. This gives our customer constant insight into ongoing work, while allowing other projects to access information that was once prohibitively time consuming to seek out.

Lunch and Learns, knowledge management tools, and other internal training initiatives were instituted to bring incumbent and new staff up to speed on the Devis approach to Agile methods, and to highlight effective problem-solving approaches that could promptly be applied.

Awards are distributed to teams implementing the most collaborative, results-oriented approaches to incentivize adoption of new processes.

DevSecOps builds teams with subject matter expertise across functions so that requirements from each element of the product are taken into account throughout the development life cycle and knowledge is  spread throughout the program. Continuous monitoring allows us to implement proactive solutions rather than allowing issues to manifest before reacting.

The new product will require a global deployment of highly tailored COTS solution. This state-of-the art approach will occur without disruption to ongoing operations and be fully compliant with numerous Federal regulations.