Case Studies and White Papers Food for Peace Management Information System

About Food for Peace Management Information System

The Opportunity

Support the successful completion of the Food for Peace Management Information System (FFPMIS) for USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP)
Provide user level helpdesk and application support services, as well as continued operations and maintenance support
Supply project oversight, operations, and maintenance; including, planning, management support, and monthly status reports
Monitor and enhance the FFPMIS system


-Deployed FFPMIS in only seven months
-Achieved and kept ATO for FFPMIS
-Adopted a rolling deployment approach that allows different user groups to start working with the software as soon as the necessary modules are ready
-Created user guides, online training videos, and 33 training modules
-Conducted in-person trainings for systems users to effectively train users worldwide
-Aided FFP in documenting and codifying their informal workflows and business processes into repeatable, teachable, and enforceable formal workflows