Devis to give talk at Association on Higher Education and Disability

Arlington, VA (October, 2014) Devis accessibility expert and senior software developer, Justin Stockton, has been selected to present at the 17th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference on November 17-21, 2013 in Westminster, Colorado. The conference is a national platform for industry innovators to share ideas on accessible media, web, and technology.

Angular, web components and HTML5.1, OH MY!: An overview of the latest web technologies


  • Justin Stockton, , Devis

Summary of Session

This session will provide an overview of some of the newest technologies being developed for the web. We'll review new standards, JavaScript frameworks and other technologies and discuss their impact on usability, accessibility and your users.

The session will be availble on webcast at this link:


With new technologies being developed for the web now at an amazing rate, it can often be tempting to adopt a new technology before understanding how it will affect your users. Will that new JavaScript framework work in an older browser? Will a screen reader understand that new tag? We'll not only look at what several of these new technologies promise in terms of features or ease of development, but also possible gotchas for developers and your users.


  1. Use metrics to understand your users before adopting any new web technology.
  2. Web standards are evolving quicker than before and browser vendors are implementing them now.
  3. Large companies are pushing the web forward by dropping support for older browsers.

Speaker Bio

Justin Stockton

Justin Stockton began creating accessible Web applications after reading an interview with Tim Berners-Lee on how he was upset with how information on the Web was slowly becoming available to only a few. Since then he has worked on several government projects, including several versions of, to create Web sites that remove the barriers to information and provide people with disabilities access to the information they deserve.

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