Devis CEO speaks at Dialogue On Diversity event

Cristina Mossi, CEO of Devis, speaks at event celebrating 25 years of service to America's Diverse Communities

Arlington, VA (September 21, 2015).  Devis CEO speaks at diversity event

To celebrate 25 years of work in Washington and the Nation, the Dialogue On Diversity is hosting its 2015 Entrepreneurship/Information Technology Conference with Devis CEO, Cristina Mossi as a featured speaker. Ms. Mossi will present on 'Business Management in the 21st Century' to the audience at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center in Washington DC.  Her talk will focus on the challenges facing Information Technology (IT) businesses, from Data Overload to the need for increased Cyber Security.  As the CEO of a successful IT company that embraces the challenges of working in a fast-paced, flexible environment, Ms. Mossi hopes to inspire new entrepreneurs as they expand their own ventures into the business community.

For more information about today's talk and the 2015 Entrepreneurship/Information Technology Conference, please visit:!entrit/c3xm

About Development InfoStructure, Inc. (Devis)

Development InfoStructure, Inc. (Devis) was founded in 1992 to provide innovative, practical approaches to information management. Devis is a leading provider of IT Consulting services and solutions to Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as the international development community. Devis' standards-based, vendor-independent approach and active support of the open source community help maximize the return on clients' IT investments.

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