Devis CEO Named "2010 Arlington County Latina Business Owner of the Year"

Devis CEO, Cristina Mossi, was awarded the "2010 Arlington County Latina Business Owner of the Year." She was recognized for her "unrelenting dedication to the application of IT technology-based solutions to eGovernment and the international development community, the offering of a vendor-independent approach as well as active support of the open source community, and for setting and executing the vision and goals of Devis."

The award was presented to Ms. Mossi on Wednesday, March 24 at the "Latinas in Business" Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony organized as part of the Mid-Atlantic Chamber's celebration of National Women's History Month. The Luncheon award ceremony was followed by a panel discussion which focused on the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in general, and Latinas in particular, when entering the business world.

The panelists included Ms. Mossi and several other prominent latina business executives. The moderator was journalist, author and television personality Maria Hinojosa.

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