Devis Goes Back to School

Arlington, VA (February 2014) - Devis Project Manager, Lee Crank, and the ePolicyWorks team at Department of Labor recently headed to the virtual classroom! Crank and his government colleagues were accepted as mentors at New York University’s GOV 3.0 course. There they work collaboratively with undergraduates to address public interest problems, drawing on the mentors’ industry knowledge and leveraging technology to produce viable solutions to real-life, Government issues. All participants earn college credit, while developing the mindset and skill set to design and implement creative solutions to public problems.

In addition to being a fully active virtualized learning environment, Gov 3.0 utilizes social media for students to communicate and stay up to speed on current events and emerging ideas. This course directly correlates with the mission of the ePolicyWorks team, who works to open the lines of communication between citizens and law makers and helps shape policy by addressing specific barriers to employment for people with disabilities. Devis wishes Lee and his ePolicyWorks team all the best as they embark on this 14 week learning adventure!


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