Kathy Martinez Takes Notice of Devis at CSUN Conference

Arlington, VA (March, 2013) Devis’ expertise in accessibility was showcased this year at the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference.  In addition to presentations, conference attendees were also able to learn more about the advancements in accessibility by stopping by the Devis booth.  Even Kathy Martinez, Assistant Secretary of Labor for disability employment policy, stopped by the booth to preview some Devis products. Project Manager, Lee Crank, PMP®, had the opportunity to speak with Kathy about Devis capabilities and answer questions after she listened to a tutorial for improving accessibility with PDF Remediation best practices.  Kathy’s experience at the Devis booth was highlighted in the Department of Labor’s Newsletter.

Lee Crank sits with Kathy Martinez at the Devis Booth as she listens to a tutorial.

Attendees were able to experience firsthand how Devis is raising the bar on accessible technologies.  Video tutorials explained how Devis approaches accessible design, while hands-on demonstrations gave people the opportunity to experience the difference for themselves.  Project Manager, Stephanie McLeod, PMP®, also joined the team at the booth to provide information and answer questions.

Lee Crank (Devis), Kathy Martinez (Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Policy Office), and Stephanie McLeod (Devis) standing at the Devis CSUN booth.

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