Devis Welcomes New Staff

New Hires Join the Devis Team

Arlington, VA (Spring/Summer 2015) Devis welcomes 11 new hires!

The Devis team is growing!  We are excited to announce the recently hired personnel joining the Devis team:

  • Catherine Atwood - After finishing her tenure at National Language Service Corps, Ms. Atwood joins Devis as a business/functional analyst, contributing her strong analytical skills to various Devis projects. 

  • Ion Cotanis - Mr. Cotanis joins Devis as a Software Developer and Analyst, working on providing technical solutions to system architecture, including data analytics for the Food For Peace's Management Information System.

  • Brandon Hixson - Focusing on training and e-learning, Mr. Hixson brings considerable talent and international experience to Devis' USAID projects.

  • Annie Huddleston - Ms. Huddleston brings twenty years experience in Software Application Development to the Devis team, working on multiple projects to help build and maintain user interfaces.

  • Jabari Long - An experienced data analyst and developer, Mr. Long is working with the Food For Peace Management Information System project to interpret, develop and implement complex reporting requirements.

  • Kelly Ryan - Mr. Ryan's contributions at Devis range from providing business analysis and requirements gathering, logistical and operational support and informational oversight to multiple projects, to helping Devis ensure seamless service delivery to our clients. 

  • Theo Scott -  Mr. Scott is the latest addition to the Devis security team, focusing on security assessments.  With over 10 years of system administration and analysis experience, Mr. Scott performs security assessments for current Devis projects as well as laying the security groundwork for projects still on the drawing board.

  • Chris Stevens - With 9+ years experience in information assurance, Mr. Stevens joins Devis security specialist team to perform security assessments for current Devis projects, while ensuring that our work meets or exceeds Federal security standards.

  • Dieutrang Tran - Ms. Tran is an experienced Project Manager, having spent over 12 years leading Information Technology projects for the Federal Government.  Her experience and enthusiasm currently bolster Devis projects at the Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Services.

  • Anthony Williams - After a long history of work with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Mr. Williams joins Devis' security specialist team as an information assurance officer, supporting multiple Devis projects as they go through security assessments.

  • Derrick Whyte - As a Quality Assurance Analyst using multiple techniques and tools, Mr. Whyte joins Devis to support the testing processes relevant to the Software Development Lifecycle.  Specifically, Mr. Whyte is focusing on upgrading and standardizing software testing practices on the Food For Peace Management Information System. 

Devis is always looking for strong people to join our team.  Visit to learn more about our current openings and other opportunities.

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