International Development

Application Deployment Planning and Coordination
Organizational Readiness
Training Delivery
Continuous Business Process Optimization

Application Deployment Planning and Coordination

  • Performance driven management
  • Earned value scheduling and budget management
  • Continuous iterative planning
  • International experience
    • Cultural awareness
    • Infrastructure available (hardware/software/facilities)
    • Travel arrangements (visas, flights, hotels, itineraries)

Organizational Readiness

  • Business focused
    • Need analysis
    • Fit/gap analysis
    • Business process mapping
  • Organizational Change Management
    • Listening and responding (understand the concerns of the organization and respond with solutions that address those concerns)
    • Marketing (targeted messaging and announcements)
    • Timely communication (web site, newsletters, intranet, etc.)
  • On site support

Training Delivery

  • Instructor led training
  • Computer-based training
  • Custom curricula and materials development
  • Train the trainer
  • Logistics
  • Experience training in over 70 countries
  • More than 300 classes taught; more than 3,000 students trained.

Continuous Business Process Optimization

  • Computer-based user guides
  • Computer-based job aids
  • Recurring and refresher training
  • On site and remote functional and technical expertise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Using customer feedback to improve services
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys

As organizations seek to evolve their worldwide information infrastructure (the intersection of people, processes and information), Devis stands ready to provide support through our international deployment and training services. Time and again, Devis has helped clients succeed in their efforts to enhance organizational performance by conducting analyses, developing and implementing plans (strategic, deployment, training), and developing training curricula to support a variety of needs in the US and in all regions of the world.

In addition to traditional, classroom-based training, Devis has demonstrated repeated success for customers by developing reference material, targeted job aids, and electronic performance support tools that deliver cost-effective just-in-time training to individuals at the point in time when it can be most relevant to accomplishing a task.

Devis has been providing support to system end-users, trainers, and "VIPs" since the deployment of our first system. Devis' worldwide training services support end-user training, "train the trainer" training, training materials development and on-line learning. Devis has trained over 3,000 individuals in more than 70 nations via Federal contracts. See our Deployments and Trainings map to see a timeline of international visits by Devis staff.

For USAID, our longest-standing client, we have performed over 300 field visits to every country USAID supports – cumulatively, we have trained thousands of USAID employees and agency contractors on topics such as Local Government Support of Sustainability, Visa Policy, Global Training Policy and Acquisition Compliance. Likewise, Devis-created systems have facilitated over $3.1 billion in micro-lending to developing countries.