Application Development

Web Applications & Portals
Client/Server applications
Agile Software Development

Web Applications/Portals

  • We apply the industry's best practices to deliver applications that satisfy our clients' needs. Some of our development capabilities include Java, Python, Groovy/Grails, EZRO, AJAX, and Web Services.
  • Our developers use the best of breed open source technologies in addition to commercial packages to provide our clients a secure, highly available, quality application.
  • At Devis, accessibility is not a box to check; its a mindset to provide a positive experience for all users. Our on-staff accessibility experts ensure that your application will meet 508 requirements while more importantly enhancing the application's usability.


  • At Devis, we won't force you into a specific database vendor; we work with you to determine the proper database your application requires.
  • Our developers have years of experience in commercial relational databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as the Open Source relational databases PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • If a relational database does not fit your application, we will examine potential No-SQL alternatives like CouchDB, Redis and Cassandra.

Client server applications

  • When a web application does not fit the bill, our developers can produce a standalone client and server application. Our Swing based applications run anywhere a Java virtual machine runs.

Agile Software Development

  • Devis follows agile software development methodologies. Our self organized cross functional teams work together through multiple iterations, using high standards, continuous integration, unit and functional testing, code quality metrics and documentation to produce high quality applications.
  • We follow the Scrum methodology; an agile, iterative, incremental development process. Our clients lower risks and receive better applications because our Scrum process delivers what the client values most in each iteration.

Devis works with clients to transform their information platform into a usable, equally accessible tool for all users. For over 10 years we have been applying our accessibility approach to design, develop, and support federal websites and other communication portals that are critical to supporting persons with disabilities. Our award-winning solutions maximize usability and are fully compliant with Section 508 and Federal IT Accessibility & Initiative requirements. We provide sustainable information architecture and design, a tested assessment and remediation process, support and training services, and proven quality assurance.

Devis realizes information is accessed by a variety of user agents and assistive technologies all with different shapes, sizes, and ages; end users could be utilizing legacy equipment or a mobile device. For this reason, Devis practices device agnosticism to ensure all users have a comparable experience, regardless of the technology they are using. This is evident through our work on, an award winning federal website that contains disability-related resources. We considered accessibility and usability at the earliest stages of design to ensure that our design is accessible via the widest possible arrangement of user agents. By factoring in the user experience, we also ensure usability of content, a unique practice we have adopted called, “Usable Accessibility.”

Our holistic approach to Usable Accessibility starts internally; our entire staff undergoes annual accessibility training in both Section 508 and WCAG 2.0. Our subject matter experts track the latest trends, experiment with innovative technologies, and share their knowledge with other team members regularly during brown bag sessions. Whether we are developing a web application, generating content, producing eLearning modules, or serving as a consultant - accessibility is a constant priority at Devis